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We created Monkey Dog Design to serve passionate people who are making a difference.


Welcome to our family!

Maria Corver | Owner | Monkey Dog Design

maria 'ina' corver

Maria caught the presentation design bug while working for Apple. An INTJ, she enjoys all levels of intellectual pursuit, engineering, and art.

In her downtime, you can find her cobbling together carpentry projects and listening to 70s rock.

Laura Hawk | Owner | Monkey Dog Design

laura hawk

Laura gave up her corporate job to pursue creative life full time. An INFJ, she loves the challenge of making communication succinct and impactful.

In her downtime, you can find her plotting her Great American Novel, dabbling in yoga, and singing to the dogs.



A rescue pup who's never met a stranger, Wilkes made fateful eye contact with Laura when she was two months old. An ENFP, she’s the life of the party and loves to connect with people.

In her downtime, you can find her playing ball and chasing squirrels.


Resilient, fierce and remarkably gentle, Molena quickly became the very heart of her forever family. An ISFJ, she lives to please others and prefers a boring routine to spontaneity.

In her downtime, you can find her napping and giving warm hugs.

mdd grey screen.004.jpeg

What kind of name is 'Monkey Dog Design'?

As a puppy, our dog Wilkes' favorite toy was a squeaky blue monkey. The phrase "Where's your monkey, dog?" became an invitation to quit doing boring stuff and play!

want to see something adorable?

Check out this unbelievably cute video of Wilkes and the monkey in question. Warning: it will make you 'awwww' out loud.


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