Squarespace Hack: Building a Team Page with a Blog

Instead of creating an page for each person, use a blog page and -posts linked to a summary block. It will cut down the time you spend building and keep design more consistent. Find out how in 4 steps.

Manually add 'Read More' to blog excerpts

Some, but not all, Squarespace templates allow you to add a 'read more' link in blog excerpts in the Style Editor. Even if your chosen template doesn't have this option built in, you can still add a Read More link.

Here's how →

Squarespace Blogging 101

An essential collection of blogging resources from Squarespace Help. Learn how to create and edit blog posts, add images and video, create quote blocks, and manage comments from readers.

Using Keynote Rulers & Guides

Ever noticed those line popping up as you move objects around your Keynote slide? They're called guides. And they're awesome!

Check out our 90 second tutorial on using guides and rulers in Keynote.

Keynote Remote Like A Pro

Keynote Remote is a built-in Keynote feature that allows you to control a Keynote Presentation, and we're shamelessly in love with it!

Using Keynote as a Doc Builder

We use Keynote for more than webinars and pitch decks. It's our document layout tool of choice (gasp! What?) Yup. Easier to use and able working high res imagery, Keynote is perfect to use for worksheets, posters and project mockups. Start by setting up a simple letter-size document template in 4 steps.

Gorgeous South African Design: Woolworths

I'm currently visiting family and friends in South Africa, and no trip to this country is complete without shopping at Woolworths Food. The food found at the beloved store is not only delicious, but beautifully packaged and presented in one of the world's most visually pleasing chain stores.

Invincible Igor: The Story of a Mac That Couldn’t Die

I met Igor in mid January 2012. His dusty box had a boot print on it. I cut through three layers of courier tape and lifted him out of the foam. His brushed aluminum was spotty with fingerprints. Three of his bottom screws were missing. And there was a dent in his side. A big dent. The kind you get from dropping something heavy on something hard. A dog-eared page fell to the floor. It read 2012 demo model.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Asking More

At the beginning of the year, we raised our rates. As these things go, there was a lot of nail-biting and anxiety — what if no one wants to hire us when they see our prices? What if half our clients abandon us when we ask them to pay more for the same services? Are we even worth our new rates?

What really happens when you earn better money?

Why Should You Use Squarespace?

With some awesome benefits and powerful features, you can feel confident in trusting your website to Squarespace. It is a the design-driven, user-friendly and performance focused solution that you are looking for. Here's 8 reasons why we love and recommend it.

Choosing Clients Makes You Happier

When I traded in the shackles of a corporate job for a new life of freelancing, it was both liberating and scary. The impetus of my daily life became: get work. Get as much work as you possibly can because you’re on your own now.  

The problem with that line of thinking is that, before long, I felt like I was in chains again.