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Here are some examples of how we have helped other businesses & coaches just like you.



We helped Shannon Whitehead Lohr relaunch Factory45, her industry changing online course for designers of sustainable apparel and accessories. 


the challenge

Redesign an existing course to be more visual and to make the content easier to digest and learn from. Due to the detailed nature of the course, Shannon’s slides needed to be text-heavy without causing fatigue in her students. 

the plan

We planned to develop a whole new look and feel for her slides that was based on her website branding. We wanted to create a visual language that organized content on each slide as well as across sections within presentations.

THE build

We used geometric shapes to introduce new sections and organize content. We combined this structure with smart transitions that tied the content together across slides. High-res images brought texture and context to the slides. 

the results

The highly detailed course material was easy to digest because it was logically structured and visually engaging.

By doing all the slide design work, we gave Shannon 115.32 hours back to work on the strategy and marketing for Factory45.

Shannon has sold out the relaunched course to rave reviews, and is planning a third run in early 2017. The success of the relaunch inspired her to create an offshoot product, which we also designed.

In many ways, I’ve considered MDD my secret weapon over the past two years. Their graphic design talent and knowledge speaks for itself, but just as valuable was her incredible attention to detail, impeccable communication skills and meticulous adherence to deadlines. (They actually kept me on track!) Monkey Dog Design was the creative partner I didn’t know I needed, and they became an instrumental part of my business.
— Shannon Whitehead Lohr, Factory45

Common People United

Monkey Dog Design helped create a more functional website for digital agency Common People United, with a strong focus on their unique brand and specialized services. We also empowered CPU to update the site themselves, saving them tons of time.


the challenge

A young, but rapidly growing digital agency, CPU has a strong brand and unique culture, neither of which was apparent from their existing website. They also wanted to move their marketing from mostly word of mouth to a more targeted process of attracting ideal clients.

the plan

We aimed to bring the CPU brand and culture to life with a bold and colorful new look to set them apart at first glance. To keep the content approachable without getting too informal, we needed new typography and a professional layout.

THE build

CPU's staff wrote keyword-rich copy and designed their striking graphics. We pulled it together in Squarespace, using wide banners, bright buttons, and the friendly font Roboto. We also migrated and redesigned the CPU blog to bring more traffic to the site.

CPU Squarespace.001.jpeg

the results

The joyful and hardworking spirit of Common People United is immediately apparent. Visitors can get to know the agency, learn about their services and get in touch easily.

The readability of the copy is greatly improved by the new font. The site's traffic has increased tenfold, with daily leads coming in through the contact form.

A dedicated client page and detailed case studies show ideal clients what the agency is capable of.

The Squarespace platform has also allowed the agency to independently add extra functionality, additional pages, and content as needed, including a client hub and new team member profiles.

I have worked with MDD on several website projects over the past year and a half, and as cheesy as it sounds, they are an absolute joy to work with. Not only are they talented designers with a knack for clean, intuitive web design, they are also incredibly organized, consistent, and most importantly, they’re just good people. What more could you want?
— Danee Pye, Common People United

Jenna Kutcher

We helped wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher build her best-selling webinars and products with a robust Keynote template that’s still going strong, three courses later. 


the challenge

Jenna was an established photographer planning her first webinar when she came to us. She needed her brand translated into slides that would sell her online courses, and that she felt comfortable editing herself.

the plan

We planned to build a photo-based presentation template that could be adapted both for webinars and course slides. We would use her existing branding as a starting point, adding more masculine colors and elements.

THE build

The fully editable template was built in Apple Keynote and used as the foundation for the webinar presentation, as well as all course material. Slides featured drag and drop image placeholders and high-res device mock-ups.

Jenna Kutcher Keynote Webinar Template

the results

Over the course of six weeks, we worked with Jenna to build a perfectly branded, evergreen Keynote template that she could customize herself on the fly. Through her webinars, she has sold her online photography and Instagram-focused courses to thousands of loyal fans. She is currently working on her fourth webinar, still using the powerful, 40-slide template we built for her.

I’ve been working with Monkey Dog Design for almost a year and I feel like I never run out of projects for them! They’ve streamlined my processes, eased up the burden of trying to do everything myself, and made my work shine with their incredible test, branding, and design! Each and every time they sends something over, we are so excited!
— Jenna Kutcher, Jenna Kutcher Photography
mdd grey screen.003.jpeg

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