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A great website that's easy-to-edit and delivers real results? It can be yours! 

We create stylish websites that open new doors for your business. We make your ideal website possible with straightforward design and marketing materials that work.


Web design for the real world.

We help busy entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you get the profits they deserve from their website with smart design that turns visitors into paying customers.

Squarespace Website Builder and CMS

Stress-Free Web Design

Building websites has traditionally been the exclusive realm of Photoshop and HTML wranglers, leaving you at the mercy of your web master.

We put the power back in your hands by building your site with Squarespace and Shopify. These easy-to-use world-class website builders let you in on the fun, while saving you tons of time and money.


Lead Magnet Design

Spot-On Lead Magnets

Blow potential clients away with gorgeous, fillable PDF checklists, worksheets, and cheatsheets.

Grow your email list, bring in new leads and leave your competition scrambling — all by packaging and sharing your best content as irresistible lead magnets.


Ready to upgrade to an awesome website experience?

Not only is she a talented designer with a knack for clean, intuitive web design, she is also incredibly organized, consistent, and most importantly... she makes things easy. I never have to worry about a project that Ina is on because I know it will get done, on time, on budget, and will be done well. What more could you want?
— Danee Pye, Common People United
Responsive web design Squarespace

Responsive design adored by Google

By using Squarespace and Shopify, we ensure that your site responds with precision to any device, whether your visitors are browsing at their desk or thumbing through on their phone. 

Mobile responsive design isn't just good for business, but great for search engine rankings too.


Increase your search rankings with a website that is guaranteed to look and work perfectly on any device.


Design Portfolio

Just like you, each of our clients have a unique business that seeks to stand out in the crowd. We help you find the best way to do that, and then some!


Monkey Dog Design is an original Squarespace Circle Member.

That means we've got a ton of experience building websites with the squarespace platform. We also get pro support for your website, and we know first when new features arrive, keeping you ahead of the pack.

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Which of our most popular packages is for you?


Each of our website packages is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to attract your ideal clients and convert them into loyal fans for life. Our clients tell us that they love how our simple process takes the stress out of having a dependable website.


The Sturdy Basics

Clean, professional design meets hardworking software.

With unlimited pages, easy social media integration, seamless Mailchimp tie-in and more.  We give you all the tools to create and upload your own copy, keeping costs low.

Who is this for
The best place to jumpstart your online course, new idea or small business on a budget.


The Smart Upgrade

Take your existing website to the next level

Starting with a comprehensive audit, refreshed design, and rejuvenated marketing solutions. We help you rediscover your ideal client and tune your site to their frequency.

Who is this for
Rapidly growing small business and successful coaches who want to give their online presence a new edge.


The Whole Shebang

What it says on the box!

We build you a gorgeous website from the ground up, write the copy, find images, upload your content, and design all the lead magnets, templates and graphics you need.

Who is this for
Established business and experienced educators ready to attract and convert visitors into paying customers.


Got a question about our packages? Simply send us a message.


A proven process to get you maximum results with minimum fuss.



Book your no-obligation 20 minute consultation call to discover how we can help you get a website that rocks. 


Once the project starts, we discuss in detail what you want to achieve and strategies for getting there.

Design & Build

We start with the home page and go from there, carefully building out each page for the best possible results.

Content Upload

With the look and feel approved, we add your copy, images and assets to the pages, going over every detail until your entire website is geared to converting visitors into paying customers.

Systems Check

Your site is almost ready to launch at this point, with only one thing left to do: testing. We verify that every link and download works, and that every automation and plug-in behaves 100% as it should.


It’s time to go live with your kick ass new website and turn your visitors into paying customers who love your business.


Real world design solutions to save you time

  • Easy-to-edit software 
  • Reliable, responsive design
  • Learning-focused approach
  • Painless feedback system

Friendly, ongoing support for peace of mind

  • Unlimited non-jargon support
  • Low fixed monthly rates
  • Specialized knowledge
  • No small print
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